15 years of success
Philip Morris Izhora factory celebrated its anniversary
2015 May 26th

Live classical music, elegant cuisine, 3D reality, and a six-meters book-form installation as the main element instead of video screen. This installation played a main role in the hall and stage decoration, reviving the history of Philip Morris factory. What do you think, what is it telling about? Okay, we don’t want to drag one’s feet. 

It is about how Philip Morris Izhora factory celebrated its 15-year anniversary, which was attended over 300 people. «R&I Peterburg» (part of RCG) became those who was entrusted the preparation and implementation of this large-scale project. 

This event in honor of the 15th anniversary of the factory became a matter of pride not for RCG team, but also for client’s command. There were high-ranking officials and members of the St. Petersburg government among the guests. Even the governor of the Leningrad region, Alexander Y. Drozdenko, didn’t ignore this significant event. It was a great success!