10 commandments and 2 discrepancies from these Cannes Lions
PR director of RCG Serafima Gurova about Cannes Lions 2014
2014 June 27th

1. All you need is data


The Cannes Lions CEO Philip Thomas even came up with an idea to create a separate category particularly devoted to the best use of Data in 2015. "We're talking to people about whether they believe there's something in data and analytics and customer insight that's building a bridge to great ideas. The industry is telling us it's an important element," he said. "The question is: Can data drive creativity?" So we will see in 2015 whether data is able to work this way or not.


2. Make people’s life and the Earth better providing the creative solution for  social and ecological  issues


Thanks to a 10 years old Philippines girl Sweetie 1 000 pedophiles were tracked down and identified.  Because of Pharrell Williams and G Star Raw we now have a sustainable fashion collection made from recycled ocean plastic. And these are just 2 examples - look at the winner list and you’ll find much more.


3. Think “glocally” (which stands for globally + locally)


WPP CEO Martin Sorrel mentioned the phenomena that both the companies and the agencies need to build agile HQ to have an opportunity to operate nimble on local market movements. This approach allows regional managers to feel more powerful and be ready to say “YES” on the local market to pass this solution to the global ones.


4. Operate as a newsroom. Right now – it is a new business model appropriate for the modern market and consumer


Conversation analysts create a globally wired and networked organization that can react respond and win in real-time. For example, the Coca-Cola Company developed a special Global Hub network which helps the company manage the real-time fusion of creativity, strategy and resonance to deliver the bright results.


5. Discover talents in every person of the company


Creativity is more about the mindset than about the skill.  Forget about hunting creative heads; manage to create the atmosphere of creativity to make everyone in your company a creative director. If creativity is still the privilege of the creative department – be ready to loose.


6.  Think and act like a  visionary


Look for inspiration in the latest technology, science, and philosophy and be sure it’ll help you to improve your idea and to change the mindset.  Thinking about the solar energy or even about the space travelling will help us to switch from a mediocre inhabitant to an amateur futurologist. At this Cannes Lions Creativity Festival there were more than 10 lectures held by the scientists but not the advertisers.  


7.  Think of Cyber! Cyber! Cyber!


It’s quite an obvious conclusion, but still. Just think of the statistics - this year the category growth is about 55% in comparison with 2013. So we are still living in the cyber world.


8.  Prove your idea, make it tangible via an experiment


People are still so distrustful and some brilliant campaigns of this year are carried out as an experiment. Fuck the Poor campaign made for The Pilion Trust Charity showed that people tend to care about poor people but  unfortunately, they do not care enough to donate and help.


9.  Make it relevant


Modern people are real experts in screening what is irrelevant to them because there are so many messages surrounding them daily. So the only one way for your message to survive is to be relevant. Golin agency developed a relevance perfect circle to measure the relevance of celebrities. The circle includes the following criteria: engage, entertain, humanity, nobility, quality, welcoming, classic.


10. Make a shift from making up ad ideas to life design


We should combine different life expertise and be ready to perform as life designers. A famous Japanese agency Hakuhodo has a great experience in building and designing hospitals and hotels, opening a book store where a customer can buy a beer while reading, developing tourist routes and even planting rice fields. All these projects are made inside the ad agency and it’s an amazing and inspiring shift in self recognition.


1. The most selfish adworld has always seemed to be made for Harvey Nichols who won four Lions while everyone was speaking about generosity, responsibility and improving the world. The idea is just great and simple, but I saw my peer’s confusion when this project got it’s second, then third and finally the forth Lion.


2.  "The Scarecrow"– got both PR and Cyber Lions Grand Prix This fact displays the merge of the advertising and PR industries. The core idea of the project is traditional for PR industry (Corporate reputation) but the implementation and execution is absolutely traditional for the ad and digital world. I see this project as an ad project, and the fact that Edelman is shown in credits as a PR agency, makes me absolutely sure that the idea and digital execution belong to Creative Artists Agency. In this way I don’t understand why this project deserve the PR Lions Gran Prix?