Circus under the dome of summer
RCG organized a grand summer picnic in St. Petersburg
2014 July 15th

A summer picnic is, without doubt, one of the most exciting events of the year that has everyone in anticipation at the factory "Philip Morris Izhora". This year, R&I St. Petersburg had the honor of organizing this corporate event, having won the tender for the project.

Usually the picnic takes place at the factory but this year was different! The R&I team decided to take the workers and their families away from their workplace and organize something truly special.

The ideal place for a non-typical corporate event is the “Planeta Leta” theme park, which turned into a professional circus on the day of the event. The staff of the factory was highly impressed by their co-workers’ talents and skills.

Professional circus entertainers, clowns, artistic ensembles and musical teams entertained more than 3000 guests throughout the whole day! Such a grandiose event has not taken place in St. Petersburg for a while.

But perhaps the biggest surprise for the workers and their families was a real amusement park.

To finish off the day, everybody released balloons simultaneously, which was the culmination of the evening. “The biggest attribute of any circus show is a smile”, said the person in charge of the entertainment program, while the organizers were handing out colorful balloons with smiley faces on them. “So lets release some smiles all together into the sky!”.

Happiness, fun, a flood of laughter and never-ending applause accompanied the festivities that will forever be remembered as the “Circus under the dome of summer”!