Unique New Year's calendar from ROOM 485
ROOM 485 creates a unique holiday themed screensaver and desktop organizer for RCG
2014 December 1st

At RCG we think that not only a person’s physical workstation reflects their personality, but also their screen saver. Creative agency ROOM 485 decided to test this theory and asked all RCG employees to provide a print screen of their desktop. The results were:

• 54% preferred a creative mess;

• 21% liked having a clean black background;

• 20% used their favorite animal/pet as wallpaper;

• 4% used art /comic humor as a screensaver theme;

• …but more importantly we found that the more orderly desktops belonged to management and Directors!

ROOMS 485 created a unique screensaver/calendar to help all those messy desktops get organized for the New Year, while also helping everyone keep track of the date. Starting with the month of December (2014) we decided to provide you with some early December Christmas cheer …and remind you that the New Year is just around the corner! You can download the screensaver/calendar using по this link! Happy first day of winter everyone!